And Summer fell to Fall

Here it is, the change of a season. You see it in the tips of the leaves, leaves which weeks before were deep and vibrant, are now yellowing and fading. Cooler temperatures arrive and somehow a slower pace is acceptable, nay desirable. It soothes and calls out for spicy apple drinks and pumpkins lining the porch.

As my own life ebbs into fall, I relate to the seasonal change as parts of me begin to fade and slow. For years, I dreaded the coming of this season and worked to keep it at bay, (multiple visits to the hair salon could only last so long…). Yet, hard as I worked to avert the apparent, the season arrived. Instead of being disheartened by this reality, it was time for some introspection, for a deeper consideration of what truly matters. Here were some options:

Worry about the long dark days of approaching winter.

Withdraw and isolate out of fear of the unknown weather.

Complain about days of summer not turning out as I had hoped.

Or I could consider the scripture in Ecclesiastes 3:11 and remember, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

God made everything from beginning to end and seasons do change. This perspective helps me grasp reality. Or is it rather, reality helps me grasp perspective? Either way, eternity is at the core, it is a concept God has placed in each of us. Though I struggle to comprehend eternity, I cling to it, though feebly at times.

My life and seasons are in his hands. For me, my choice today is to not be swayed by age or flaw. This choosing must be done again and again, because some days my fears of winter win out. Other days I complain and fret about the seasons which have passed me by. But today, I can make the right choice, the choice to embrace the amazing places God has brought me. Certainly, we all know many who have not survived into the autumn of their life, and while this sobers us, it also prompts us to embrace each day we have with gratitude and dignity. So, here I find myself in the season of slowing and easing into winter, striving to keep eternity in the forefront of my mind.

My eternity has been impacted by so many. I look back on my life and can name women and men who have molded and shaped me for the better. How eternally grateful I am for those people. (Have I told them so?) On the other hand, it’s uplifting to think of the lives God has allowed me to influence. Few have enough voice to impact the entire world, but to impact someone right in front of us is no insignificant thing. When we reach out with love to someone in pain, offer sincerity or kindness, and hold out truth to those in our path, we make an impact. I find it meaningful to ask myself, whose life is better for knowing me, and how have I served and helped others? These are the kinds of things I can continue for all my days. Seasons come and seasons go, but eternity is real. Actions I take today can make an eternal difference.

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