Three Little Decisions front cover finalLife hurts sometimes.

Whether the hurt stems from disappointment, injured feelings or in-sensitivity from those around us, it can diffuse our joy and cause us to falter.

Yet, here is an amazing truth: in spite of the hurts and bruises, we are able to take one small step and move forward on our journey.

Instead of letting painful circumstances define us, we choose to make a little decision to focus on what is good, what is right and what is helpful.

Read true to life stories that capture this spirit. Make small decisions and consider deeper reflections for life.


I love the vulnerable, humble way Janet writes this book. She writes not from the podium, but in the trenches. I can relate to her life struggles and the practical points are right-on to get one back on track focusing on God. I have done and continue to do 3 small goals every day and it really works… Life is not fair nor is it easy, but books written by Christian authors like Janet helps. It helps us through life struggles and breakthroughs to spiritual maturity…a greater intimacy with God. Vicki E.

Great book about personal experience toward spiritual maturity. There is something in here for everyone! Lisa S.

I have enjoyed Janet’s writing style, personal insights, relatable stories, practical exercises and things to think about to effect change. I highly recommend this helpful, insightful book for the person who has experienced interpersonal relationship hurts and difficulties with life. Thanks to Janet for sharing her life with us! Loved the book! Bev O.