Three Black Crows

From my favorite writing spot at my kitchen table, I hear an awful racket outside and see three large black crows have descended on our pecan trees. The tough green husks of the pecans are opening as the nuts ripen and the tree readies for winter. The crows are certainly excited about this “opening” which enables them to release the pecan shell from the husk, carry it with their beak to the ground, peck it open and revel in the sweet nut inside. What a feast! And what a racket! Not sure exactly if I should be doing something to put a stop to it? It suggests a whole new meaning to the word “scarecrow”, and I wonder if such a thing might work? Has anyone ever placed a scarecrow in a tree?

The trees are tall, I certainly can’t reach all the pecans. I mean, how many pecans can they eat? Yet, with all the racket, every crow across the county will be in my trees shortly. I honestly don’t know what to do about them. So, I sit here, bemused by their antics.

“Openings”. It’s worth considering a deeper dive. What openings lay before us, from which we might find benefit? Maybe a chance to share your personal faith with someone who is seeking? An opportunity to encourage or serve someone in a tough spot? What openings has God put in your life? Is there a chance to resolve a conflict or to forgive someone? Have a vital conversation? Is there a promotion opening at your job, could you apply? Is there a needed change, could you make a start? I’m convinced we have many opportunities regularly coming into our life, but they are easy to miss if we don’t pay attention or if we allow our fears to reign and hold us back.

I have a friend who frequently encourages me to “listen” for God, to hear his prompts and pay closer attention to his guidance in my life. Doing so requires me to be still, be silent and demands me to take time to wait, to allow him to work. Not always easy, yet the more I do this, the more I feel confident in my choices, and more ready to take advantage of the openings provided. And then what a sweet feast of security I enjoy – and what opportunities come my way!

How about you? What “openings” have been given to you today? Take a minute to consider them and the blessing that may come if you reach out to take ahold of it.

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