The book has arrived!

If you’ve made it this far you already know my book is out!  I am beyond excited it has come to this point, and I’m praying it will be of help to all who read it. Feel free to contact me with your comments.

Three Little Decisions is an easy read that guides you through some of life’s bumps and bruises, using poignant stories, simple suggestions and ideas for overcoming those obstacles. Though reading a book about decision-making is easy, the challenge as always, is in the doing.

The premise of the book is to focus on  small decisions and little steps. Just do some little thing. One step leads to the next and the next until you find you have made good progress and are on your way to accomplishing the very thing that seemed insurmountable.

Speaking of steep mountains to climb, this is my view of the Colorado Rockies at sunset. It inspires me to see the amazing painting God does each evening.  His faithfulness and constancy touch me deeply and give me strength to move forward every day.


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